could be yours.

Ever wanted to own your own website or domain? You've come to the right page, because MESHMAG.COM could place you at the right spot from where you can grow you own business. Ideas are forming inside your mind right now, isn't it? This could be the start of something great.

Short, easy to remember, a Top Level Domain (TLD), A DOT COM! which could be used for any kind of website. We think the site would be great for all kinds of content. Mostly, it would be a great magazine for all kinds of articles for all kinds of people.

* Bold opinionated blog site

* Alternative news site

* Style Magazine

* Fashion shop

* Graphic design site

* Site to help people needing help

* Gaming portal

* Research


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We have become too busy with our different personal works that we have found it difficult to maintain the site and update it every day. We would like to see the site continuing, but it seems a daunting task. So, we have to put it up for sale.

Let it also be known that we have been painstakingly nurturing this website from its infancy till now. It has become a full and mature website in only a few weeks and it has been growing ever since. We have hundreds of articles culled from the best places with inputs from us too.

Throw in a few more bucks and the whole website could be yours too. But then, that's up to you!


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